Importance of Inside Sales

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ClientCurve is a leading Global Marketing Process Outsourcing Company helps reduce Marketing, Inside-Sale & Lead Generation costs for companies. ClientCurve is very fast in building and improving sales pipeline with its unique Marketing Process Outsourcing Solutions.

ClientCurve focus on Sales and Marketing Solutions like, Marketing Process Outsourcing, B2B List Generation, Lead Generation, Lead Management and Lead Nurturing, Design work, Content Creation makes it the perfect choice for all of your marketing needs. Due to the robust processes followed and the experience of working on different products over a wide range of geographies and it is also helps B2B marketers to build, cleanse & maintain marketing database with a unique blend of marketing software solutions which deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Increasing the challenge for Sales & Marketing teams of technology companies will be to embrace the new technologies. The ability to leverage specialist vendors to compliment in-house efforts rather than fire fight drying up pipelines will determine their success at driving demand. While it is important to focus on the pipeline and top line that the List Generation, Demand Generation functions and Lead Generation functions ends up driving, the focus on the Sales & Marketing Solutions process will gain criticality.

Thus, it is our belief that the role played by remote/virtual marketing & sales teams would significantly increase over the years to come.


Today’s sales leader is confronted with a dazzling list of possibilities to enhance and increaseRevenues: CRM systems, new point solutions, channel strategies, Internet technologies, Targeted lead generation programs, and many more. Inside Sales plays a pivotal role the complete sales cycle by being the face of the organization to the client and a highly skilled one considering the fact that it requires a deep understanding of the products and services being sold and the requirement of the client. Having a deep understanding of the seller and buyer helps they pitch the right product/solution to the right person this helps in reducing redundant sales cycles by the way of providing the field sales team with a client whose requirement has been well-understood and an appropriate product being presented.

Importance of Inside Sales

Since inside sales are often the first touch point with a prospect, it is critical that the sales organization have the proper level of focus and investment. When building or restructuring an inside sales operation, there are a number of factors that can make or break the effort.

1)      Have a Strategic Plan Rather than simply hiring a number of inside sales people and putting them on the phone, it is imperative that you first design and plan your inside sales operation. Many companies skip this essential first step and never achieve the powerful results that are possible with an inside sales strategy that has been carefully thought through, integrated with the rest of the business, and “sold” internally as well as to your customers.

2)      Focus on Hiring the Right People, Managing and Motivating With a winning strategy in place and the right inside sales people on your team, superior results are sure to follow. If you hire the wrong people, you won’t have a chance of success. You can avoid the biggest mistakes by paying attention to:

  • Appropriate Hiring Profiles and Interviews your implementation plan should clearly articulate the appropriate hiring profiles, experience and skills required to be successful in an inside sales role in your company. Phone interviews and face-to-face interviews are critical given the nature of an inside sales professional’s job.
  • Professional Inside Sales Management An inside sales team needs a dedicated, experienced manager. Numerous programs fail when a VP of sales or marketing is called upon to manage the team on top of other responsibilities. Similarly, if you are starting up a new group or restructuring an existing one, you should not hire an inside sales rep for a first-time management role, or an inside sales manager who has never created a group from Scratch. The design, building and fine-tuning required in a new or restructured inside sales operation are highly specialized skills, without which an inexperienced manager will flounder.
  • Compensation and Training your compensation and incentive programs should be aligned with the goals and objectives of the inside sales operation and provide significant financial motivation for reaching and exceeding individual and/or group targets. New hire as well as ongoing training and one-on-one coaching should be provided to support the team and cover product, sales, systems, current marketing campaigns, and procedures within your Inside sales group. Training should occur at least quarterly (and more often if your products or business strategies are changing) and be designed to minimize time away from the phone. Use on-line tutorials or schedule traditional classroom sessions after hours.

3)     Productivity with the Right People, Process and Technology Now that we’ve discussed how to attract the right people, it is important to ensure they are as effective as possible. Even the best inside sales professionals can get bogged down and made ineffective without properly defined Processes that are supported by reliable, proven systems.

Non-revenue-generating” time should be kept to an absolute minimum in any inside sales operation. Many groups fail to reach their potential due to crippling inefficiencies introduced by deficient or absent process definition, CRM (customer relationship management) systems, or related tools or technologies that support the inside sales function. To avoid decreased productivity in inside sales, take note of the following key operational best practices.

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